Key Dental Plan provides members with access to a network of highly qualified dentists and specialists in your area, making it possible for you to get the services you need, at an affordable cost.

501 - Diagnostic and Preventive

D0120Periodic Oral Evaluation - Established Patient$16
D0150Comprehensive Oral Evaluation - New or Established Patient$21
D0210X - Rays - Intraoral - Complete Series (including bitewings)$47
D0270Bitewing X - Ray - Single Film$12
D0272Bitewings - Two Films$15
D0273Bitewings - Three Films$20
D0274Bitewings - Four Films$24
D0330Panoramic Film$47
D1110Prophylaxis - Adult Cleaning$34
D1120Prophylaxis - Child Cleaning$25

501 - Restorative

D2140Amalgam - One Surface, Primary or Permanent$47
D2330Resin - Based Composite - One Surface, Anterior$60
D2391Resin - Based Composite - One Surface, Posterior$75
D2750Crown - Porcelain Fused to High Noble Metal$557
D2790Crown - Full Cast High Noble Metal$547
D2950Core Buildup - Including Any Pins$109

501 - Endodontics

D3110Pulp Cap Direct (excluding final restoration)$25
D3310Root Canal - Anterior (excluding final restoration)$320
D3320Root Canal - Bicuspid (excluding final restoration)$379
D3330Root Canal - Molar (excluding final restoration)$477

501 - Periodontics

D4210Gingivectomy or Gingivoplasty - Four or More Contiguous Teeth or Bounded Teeth Spaces Per Quadrant$319
D4341Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing - Four or More$111
D4910Periodontal Maintenance$71

501 - Prosthodontics (Removable)

D5110Complete Denture - Maxillary$701
D5120Complete Denture - Mandibular$701
D5211Maxillary Partial Denture - Resin Base (including any conventional clasps, rests and teeth)$687
D5212Mandibular Partial Denture - Resin Base (including any conventional clasps, rests and teeth)$687
D5213Maxillary Partial Denture - Cast Metal Framework with Resin Denture Bases (including any conventional clasps, rests and teeth)$795
D5214Mandibular Partial Denture - Cast Metal Framework with Resin Denture Bases (including any conventional clasps, rests and teeth)$795
D5410Adjust Complete Denture - Maxillary$40
D5411Adjust Complete Denture - Mandibular$40
D5730Reline Complete Maxillary Denture (chairside)$148
D5731Reline Complete Mandibular Denture (chairside)$148

501 - Oral Surgery

D7140Extraction,erupted Tooth or Exposed Root (elevation and/or forcepts removal)$60
D7220Removal of Impacted Tooth - Soft Tissue$122
D7240Removal of Impacted Tooth - Completely Bony$231

501 - Orthodontics

D8080Complete Orthodontic Treatment - Adolescent Dentition20% Discount
D8090Complete Orthodontic Treatment - Adult Dentition20% Discount

501 - Miscellaneous Services

D9215Local Anesthesia$14

What’s so great about dental plans in Florida?

Unlike most Florida dental insurance programs, discount dental plans don’t require costly deductibles, won’t force you to go through aggravating waiting periods, won’t make you fill out tedious claim forms and won’t subject you to unfair exclusions and age limits. Dental plans are the perfect alternative to Florida dental insurance because in short, Key Dental Plan is affordable, easy to enroll in and provide members with excellent dental care.

Discount dental plans are inexpensive dental insurance alternatives that give you the opportunity to save a considerable amount of money on dental bills for just a fraction of the cost. Dental insurance is not something everyone has access to and even if they do, the type of customized options and customer care excellence that Key Dental Plan’s Florida offerings provide are largely absent.

Key Dental Plan, Florida’s top-tier discount dental plan has helped highly valued customers save up to 20 – 60% off dentist’s typical fees, making it simple to keep their teeth healthy and their costs down. Every dental care provider is carefully pre-screened for the appropriate qualifications and standards of practice, so maximum satisfaction is always assured. From regular check-ups to crucial oral surgeries, Key Dental Plan will save you money, guaranteed!

Choose the best discount dental plans in Florida and it will easily pay for itself

These reasonably priced dental plans start at $149 per year, $199 for couples and $249 for entire families. Monthly plans go for $14 for individuals, $20 for couples and $24 for families. All of these plans require a low, one-time registration fee of $19. Monthly payment plans require a one year contract, while multi-year commitments are offered at a reduced rate for single, couple and family plans. All discount dental plans can be upgraded with an RX/Vision/Hearing plan for a payment of only $5 per month or $50 per year.

Key Dental Plan’s confidence in their Florida-based dental plans is backed by a ‘AAA’ Better Business Bureau rating, numerous endorsements from happy plan members and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Enrolling provides on-the-spot access to a membership ID number and the ability to save instantly on your dental care. Members can enjoy the freedom of using any participating provider when and where they want, instead of being tied to a particular office location or dentist.

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