No Access to Dental Insurance for Kids? Key is the Answer.

Dental insurance for kids may not be available, causing many parents to put off braces or other important dental care due to out of pocket expense. This unfairly leaves many kids with cavities, crowded teeth, overbites, underbites and even jaw disorders, which can negatively affect dental health and confidence levels as they grow.

Although dental insurance for kids may not be available or affordable, dental care for children is required for school and summer camp, and of course overall health and well-being. Not correcting dental issues can even lead to greater problems down the road, such as biting and speaking issues, headaches, tooth decay, gum disease and more.

It can be discouraging if you don’t have dental insurance for kids, particularly if they need braces. The cost can range between $1,800 and $6,500 to correct the positioning of the teeth, depending on the depth and length of treatment. If you choose non-metal or lingual braces, the total can be even higher. Fortunately, there is an affordable answer!

Key Discount Dental Plan Provides the Answer

When it comes time to see a regular dentist or dental specialist like an orthodontist, it’s important to get the best treatment at the most affordable price. With Key Dental’s alternative to dental insurance for kids, parents will receive a 20% discount on all orthodontic costs, such as braces and retainers. It’s that simple. All other dental services are offered at 20%-60% off.

Key Dental provides immediate access to a membership ID number and great savings. And you can be confident when you register, because Key Discount Dental Plan is backed by the highest Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating available, scores of positive feedback from satisfied members, and a 30-day Refund Policy.

Thousands of parents in Wisconsin, Wyoming and across the United States have chosen Key Dental as an answer to dental insurance for kids. It’s also important to be able to choose any participating provider instead of being tied to one office location or group. Key Dental offers you this freedom.

When dental insurance for kids is out of reach, turn to Key Dental. Everyone is accepted! Your child deserves to have a healthy and confident smile throughout their lifetime. Please apply via our registration form, or call one of our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives at (800) 539-4550.