The Best Dental Plans are Here with Key

Whether you live in Las Vegas, Massachusetts or another state in the U.S., you don’t have to search high and low for the best dental plans. Three unique plans are offered right here from Key Discount Dental for Singles, Couples and Families. If you don’t have access to dental care through your employer or an organization, a dental plan will provide wide-ranging dental care for your household. Every applicant is approved!

Key Dental’s best dental plans provide premium dental care for individuals, pairs and groups. With 20%-60% off all dental services, it offers an affordable way to meet all of your oral healthcare needs. Adults and children can enjoy deep discounts on routine 6-month check-ups, X-Rays, cleanings and more.

Many individuals avoid important dental care because of the high costs involved. Since Key Dental is not insurance, it offers a different solution to help preserve your dental health. Key provides its members with the best dental plans at a low-cost, so they can enjoy hassle-free dental care without hidden fees, waiting or forms. It is a truly affordable way to put wide-ranging dental care within your reach.

Key’s Best Dental Plans Include Everything with No Limit

The best dental plans from Key provide discounts for virtually any dental procedure with an unlimited number of annual visits. From routine check-ups to oral surgery, Key provides discounts on all dental specialties, including dental implants, crowns, fillings, root canals, dentures, extractions, sealants and beyond. Its low-cost annual membership pays for itself, so you can visit the dentist without tremendous financial strain. No matter what your dentist would normally charge for a procedure, a Key Dental Plan allows you to pay the discounted dollar amount listed on the fee schedule each time you visit the dentist.

To join, a low-cost, one-time non-refundable registration of $19 is required. After that it’s $149 for singles, $199 for couples and $249 for families per year, which can be paid at once or by a low monthly payment. For these affordable yearly fees you can save more than half off most dental services. There are monthly plans, too, which require a minimum one-year contract. Multi-year commitments are offered at a reduced price. Patients of any age can see a qualified dentist from our reliable network right away, which includes regular dentists and dental specialists. Your own dentist may even already participate!

The best dental plans are right here. Key Discount Dental Plan provides everything you need for peak oral care from your regular dentist or dental specialist. Please contact one of our friendly customer care representatives at (800) 539-4550 or apply online now!