Affordable Discount Group Dental Plans with Unlimited Use

group dental plansKey Dental is the perfect dental plan for groups. Everyone is accepted! As this is not insurance, it offers flexibility and an inexpensive way to get top care from your regular dentist or dental specialist. Key Discount Dental Plan offers Group dental plans that save members 20%-60% off all dental procedures, making it easier than ever to achieve the smile of your dreams. Keep regularly scheduled dental visits and reap the health and wellness benefits of peak oral health with fresh breath, healthy gums and beautiful white, straight teeth.

Since Key group dental plans are flexible, you don’t have to deal with hidden fees, forms or waiting. Group dental plans are ideal for patients of any age, who can see a pre-screened dentist or dental specialist from our reliable network right away. Many groups discover their own dentists already participate in Key Dental’s affordable plan.

Key Group Dental Plans Are Not Dental Insurance

Key Discount Dental Plan is not dental insurance, but rather is a “reduced-fee-for-service” discount group dental plan where members pay a specified rate for the dental services they receive. Every plan requires a low-cost, one-time registration fee of $19. Monthly plans for $20 per month require a minimum one-year contract, while multi-year commitments are offered at a reduced price.

Any treatment provided by a participating specialist, such as a pediatric dentist, oral surgeon, orthodontist, periodontist, pedodontist, endodontist, or prosthodontist is charged at a reduction of participating specialist’s regular fees.

Another reason for selecting Key Dental’s group dental plans is the ability to choose a dentist from the nation’s largest network of professionals. In the unlikely event an existing dentist doesn’t participate, we work with thousands of pre-screened dentists to assure the highest level of care.

It’s easy for groups to meet all of their dental needs at a fraction of the regular cost. Florida, Texas, California residents and beyond can benefit from Key Dental’s group dental plans by calling (800) 539-4550. Or, join online today.