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Signs and Symptoms: Do You Need to See a Dentist?

May 1st, 2015

Moderate to severe pain in the mouth, cheek, face, jaw, face or neck can be debilitating and bring your day to a screeching halt. Depending on severity, pain may indicate a more serious dental problem. If you’ve experienced any of the below symptoms, you may require immediate dental care and attention. See a dentist right away to help save a tooth or prevent a larger issue from surfacing!

  • Sharp Pain after Biting Down: There’s probably nothing worse than feeling a rush of pain after taking a bite of delicious food. Tooth decay, a cracked tooth or a loose filling may be the culprit. Time is of the essence if your tooth needs saving; make an appointment to see a dentist.
  • Ache and Pressure in Sinus: Sinus discomfort and actually stem from the upper back teeth. Clenching or teeth grinding can worsen dull, persistent pain, and a dentist or specialist may help to treat the cause.
  • Swollen Gums: Puffy, irritated gums can make even smiling painful. A tooth may have an infection or abscess that has spread from the pulp into the surrounding periodontal tissues. This requires an immediate visit to the dentist or endodontist for a possible root canal.
  • Temperature Sensitivity: If hot or cold tooth and gum sensitivity lasts for more than a few moments and is persistent, it may be due to an exposed root surface due to gum recession, a small area of decay in a tooth, or a loose filling.

Until you can see a dentist, keep any sensitive area clean from plaque and debris by gently brushing the area. If pain persists, rinse with warm salt water and take an over-the-counter pain reliever as needed, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, until you can make an appointment.

Don’t ignore unpleasant symptoms from the neck up! Fortunately, both regular and emergency dental care is affordable and accessible with the Key Discount Dental Plan. For more info, contact one of our knowledgeable customer care representatives at (800) 539-4550 or join online now. This is not insurance.