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Why Are Discount Dental Plans So Affordable?

March 19th, 2015

Affordable dental plans work similarly to your favorite warehouse club membership, where members pay an annual fee to enjoy significantly discounted pricing. Key Dental Plan works the same way, saving you 20% to 60% on most general dental services, and up to 20% when you visit a specialist. Like a discount warehouse club, absolutely anyone can join, and since affordable dental plans are not insurance, there are no annual caps, limits on visits or forms to fill out.

Maintaining peak oral health is the absolute best way to minimize your personal out-of-pocket costs, and the best dental plans provide preventive, diagnostic, and emergency services. Since most dental ailments are avoidable with preventive care such as regular checkups and cleanings, you can get the most from affordable dental plans by brushing and flossing daily and maintaining a regular schedule of examinations and cleanings. When problems are diagnosed early, the treatment is always less extensive and less costly than when the dental condition has progressed.

Key offers affordable dental plans, enabling you to choose one that gives you the freedom to select any dentist in the Key Dental Provider Network, or maintain an established relationship with a dentist you’ll want to visit again and again.

Key Discount Dental Plan offers affordable dental plans that provide all of the above with no limit on the amount of visits to general dentists or dental specialists. Your existing dentist may even already be in-network!

Contact one of our knowledgeable customer care representatives at (800) 539-4550 or join online now. With Key Discount Dental Plan, excellent oral care is more affordable and accessible than you think. This is not insurance.