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Three Key Things to Ask Your Dentist

July 24th, 2015

If you used Key Dental’s convenient “Find a Dentist” tool right on our site and have scheduled an appointment with a new dentist or specialist, you may want to ask a few key questions during your first visit. Rest assured, the question as to whether your new practitioner is highly qualified is a resounding YES, as Key Dental pre-screens all of its providers. So what’s left to ask your dentist? Read on…

Ask Your Dentist the Following:

  1. How do you communicate with patients? You’ll want your new dentist to be available whenever you have a special concern, so make sure their preferred method of communication is also yours. For example, do they answer questions via phone or email? Do they return inquiries in a timely fashion? Find out.
  2. Do you have after-hours urgent care? This is important if you have a raging toothache or dental emergency, such as a knocked out tooth. Also, find out who the covering dentist will be when your regular practitioner isn’t available.
  3. How do you accept fees and payment? Ask your dentist when charges and payments will be made, what fees apply to you and how you can get the most value for your money (i.e., the best treatment options). Fortunately, with Key Dental Plan, patients can save 20%-60% right off the bat!

Check out the dentist’s website prior to your visit and take notice of the new office once you arrive. You should feel it’s clean, hygienic, safe and of course, welcoming. Bring along your old dental records or ask the new office to help access them so they have a clear picture of your dental history.

If you any have questions about Key Discount Dental Plan’s participants, please contact our knowledgeable staff today at (800) 539-4550. If you want to get started, simply join online now. This is not insurance.