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Is Flossing Important If I Brush After Meals?

September 30th, 2015

In a word, yes. Flossing is very important. What is the first thing we hear when we visit our dentist and/or dental hygienist? “Have you been flossing?” If flossing is part of your daily dental hygiene routine, that’s great. If not, here are some strong reasons why you should include flossing your teeth in your daily routine.

Flossing is Important to Prevent:

1. Plaque: Brushing and rinsing are great for cleaning the outer surfaces of teeth. Flossing provides inter-dental cleaning that helps dislodge plaque and food deposits that become trapped between teeth and fillings causing decay and halitosis. According to the American Dental Association (ADA) this is where most cavities form.

2. Halitosis: Dental plaque results from hardened debris that forms on teeth when that debris is still soft. It creates bad breath, or halitosis, which is not only unpleasant but may be a harbinger of tooth decay. Flossing will help prevent this condition.

3. Tartar Build Up: Dental plaque can combine with saliva and calcify into tartar. If the soft plaque is not removed by flossing and tartar forms, it can cause gum disease. Flossing delays the formation of tartar. Only routine professional dental cleanings will remove dental tartar.

We hope these facts about why flossing is important prove helpful to you. Remember, professional dental care should never be avoided. Key Dental Plan offers an affordable option that will enable you to get the dental care you and your family need. Contact one of our knowledgeable customer care representatives at (800) 539-4550 or join online now. This is not insurance.