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Is Dental Health for Kids Important?

January 2nd, 2015

Good dental health for kids is essential to proper growth and development. Teeth begin to erupt at six months of age and it’s necessary to address any issues before they become more complicated. A child left to endure crooked, broken or decaying primary (baby) teeth may face a whole host of worse problems down the road.

Many parents mistakenly wait until their child “has enough teeth,” but it’s strongly recommended that your child visit the dentist before their first birthday, when they are less apt to fear the experience. You can even make it fun!

Good Dental Health for Kids is Also Important Because:

  • Children need to be able to chew properly to get good nutrition.
  • Proper space must be made available for erupting permanent teeth.
  • Primary teeth must be healthy to ensure proper speech development.
  • Kids should feel comfortable and confident in themselves and in social settings.

For older children, protruding or buck teeth may harm a child if he/she plays sports, so be sure to visit the orthodontist by age 7 (source: American Association of Orthodontists). You may even be able to avoid huge costs and years of braces with a palate expander, depending on the condition.

By bringing children to the dentist early, not only are you taking care of your child’s overall health and well-being, you’re setting a precedent for good lifelong habits such as proper brushing and flossing.

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